Ian: You were having sex at 14.
Lip: I was having sex with a 14-year-old at 14.
Ian: So you think Kash should have gone to jail?
Lip: Yeah, I do. Almost called the cops a hundred times. Should have, creepy fucking Arab dude fucking my little brother.
Ian: I was 15. I was old enough to make my own decisions.
Lip: You were a kid. He was man.
Ian: Says you.
Lip: You really want this chick living in the neighborhood? Think about Carl.
Ian: Carl should be so lucky.
Lip: Okay, so what if it was Debbie and a 30-year-old dude?
Ian: It’s different.
Lip: Bullshit it’s different.
Ian: She’s not hanging around the park with lollipops. She fell in love.
Lip: It’s got nothing to do with love. This chick is a standard issue pedophile and I’m gonna prove it.

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GENRE SWAP ↪ Ian/Mickey are are WWII soldiers in love. (requested by anonymous)

PLOT: Mickey met Ian during his final year of ROTC, right before he was about to turn eighteen and be able to enlist for real. They made an instant connection despite their three year age gap and their passions surged during those months but when the time came for Mickey to enlist, he didn’t hesitate. Now, almost at the end of his tour, Mickey’s become disillusioned with the workings of the brass and can’t wait to get back home—to reconnect with the one person whose memory has kept him going, Ian Gallagher. 

Then Mickey gets a letter from him after all this time and it’s the one thing in the world he hoped never to hear. Ian’s gotten into West Point and he can’t wait for his own chance to fight the good fight.

Alternate Poster.

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We tell each other everything, don’t we?

#ngl half of their attractiveness is because they’re constantly getting the shit kicked out of them

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Ian: If I get convicted I can’t enlist.
Lip: What?
Ian: in the Marines.
Lip: Good, I was planning on kneecapping you in your sleep to keep you out of Kandahar anyway.


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Ian: I’m happy with who we are, even if you’re not.

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…Doubt it.

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